What People are Saying


Brian Peters, CEO, Michigan Health and Hospital Association:

I am very pleased to offer my enthusiastic support of Dr. Jim Richard's candidacy for the position of 2019 President-Elect of the College of American Pathologists.  I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Richard for the past decade, in his capacity as a member of the Michigan Health & Hospital Association Keystone Center Board of Directors.  He has been such a principled, engaged, and effective leader that his peers appointed him to the role of board Chairman for the 2012-2014 term.  I can attest that he has all the requisite traits of a superb Chairman, as he effectively led our diverse board through a period of substantial growth and achievement.  He has a rare blend of passion, integrity, competence, and humor - people gravitate to him accordingly.  Dr. Richard is a highly-respected clinician here in the greater Lansing community, who has used his credibility, communication, and leadership skills to positively impact healthcare throughout the entire state of Michigan.  He will be a wonderful leader of the College of American Pathologists.   


Jane Pine Wood, Chief Legal Counsel, BioReference Laboratories:                                                                                                                                                                                    

I am writing in support of Dr. Richard’s candidacy as the 2019 President Elect of the College of American Pathologists. I have known Dr. Richard for many years, both as legal counsel for his private medical practice, CAP-Lab, as well as working with him on pathology advocacy issues. In my experience, Dr. Richard has always placed patient care and professional ethics at the forefront.  He is not only a dedicated physician and skilled pathologist; he is also a strong and tireless advocate for pathologists and the practice of laboratory medicine. As someone who has worked with hundreds of pathologists over the past three decades, I am honored to offer my unqualified support for Dr. Richard’s candidacy.  

In addition to his professional qualifications, Dr. Richard is a dedicated family man. He and his wife are avid outdoors people, spending their spare time hiking, biking and fishing with their grandchildren.

If you have any questions about my recommendation of Dr. Richard, please feel free to reach out to me.


Sam R. Watson, Senior VP Patient Quality and Safety, Michigan Health and Hospital Association:                                                                                                                   

During the course of his board chairmanship, I found Dr. Richard to be incredibly insightful about steering the organization in a way that progressed our work of improving quality and safety across the state of Michigan. His ability to manage a board of very passionate quality and safety leaders in a respectful, yet determined way, serves as an example to other board members and myself in how to lead an organization. This is especially true as we set about the work of strategic planning. Dr. Richard brings the uncommon ability to move across the intracies of what it takes to run an organization, yet keep his focus on the strategic direction.


Timothy J. Johnson, CEO and President, Eaton Rapids Medical Center:                                                                                                                                                                     

Dr. Richard has always embraced our Mission to Care. Serve. Inspire. He joins in our goal to deliver exceptional healthcare services by working diligently to inspire and motivate staff by sharing his wealth of knowledge and breadth of experience in the field. 


Mick Raich, Vachette Pathology:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

I find his problem-solving skills and business acumen to be exemplary and his honesty to be above reproach. 

He has the ability to see both sides of the problem and find a solution which fits all parties. I saw this firsthand in his business practice and I see this in his ability to work within organizations.


Patrick Salow, past Chief Operating Officer at Ingham Regional Medical Center and Administrator Ingham Orthopedic Hospital:                                                                             

Dr. Richard served on the Board of Directors of the hospital and chairperson of the Board Quality Committee. In his role as Quality Chair, he demanded attention to detail, continuous improvement and positive results. He was never satisfied with the status quo.


Richard C. Boothman, Chief Risk Officer, University of Michigan Health System, Executive Director for Patient Relations and Clinical Risk, Michigan Medicine:

Dr. Richard’s professional integrity is of the highest order.  I’ve seen Dr. Richard very actively participate in many, many discussions in which others might have taken a “party line” or the easiest path between two points at the expense of fundamental principles.  Dr. Richard is simply not wired that way.  He has unfailingly always advocated for the higher ground and despite many opportunities to be politically pandering as so many who seek higher office are, he is as they say, “right as rain”.

Dr. Richard has been indefatigable in his advocacy for patient safety.  Not only has that manifested itself in a relentless expectation for high quality, but especially in the Pathology realm, he realized sooner than many that Medicine today is necessarily a team sport.  He saw and openly advocated a long time ago for the pathologist’s role as an active member of the clinical team, not simply technicians who issue a lab report in a clinical vacuum.  

Based on years of experience with Dr. Richard in leadership and board settings, my prediction is that he will attract high talent, he will be effective in making the internal and public case for CAP and your members’ roles in clinical medicine, and will overall, effectively advance and enhance CAP and its mission.                       

Leaders like Dr. Richard create an atmosphere of collegiality, yet also establish an energy that simply cannot be manufactured.  As an attorney who has seen all sorts, I trust his judgment, I trust his character, and I trust he will be an excellent leader for your organization.


Julie L. Novak, Chief Executive Officer, Michigan State Medical Society:                                                                                                                                                                   

Doctor Richard served on the MSMS Board of Directors from 2005 to 2014. He served the maximum eligibility as a District Director representing the central Michigan region. During that time he served on the Board Health Care Delivery and Finance Committees, helping to shape MSMS strategies on payer policy and regulatory issues, as well as membership recruitment, subsidiary revenue, the operating budget, and investments.  In addition to his leadership skills, he is always ready to take on a new challenge and find a way to help his profession and patients.



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